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Cambodia presents an enormous potential business opportunity having emerged from a recent traumatic past. Most of its natural resources are abundant. Huge potential is in cultural and ecological tourism as well as agro industry.

Cambodia is a home to one of the world wonders, the Angkor Watt. Since the return of peace and stability, the country has enjoyed continued growth in tourism and garment export. Over 65% of its population is under 30 years old, presenting a huge work force ready to push the economy to a higher level within the next decades. With its recent integration into the regional body "ASEAN" and the world trade organization, Cambodia will have more advantages to gain from this regional and global economic integration.

There are certain rules whereby Cambodia will need to comply to be a member of these bodies, of which they will consequently nurture an environment conducive to good governance, transparency and accountability enabling the private sector to be a major leading force in driving the country's economic growth.

We optimistically believe that Cambodia can offer unlimited opportunities from health care, leisure, construction, and energy to a huge untapped natural resources and agro industry business. Cambodia will definitely be part of your growth strategy.

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